How to make your eyelashes longer

Eyelashes make our eyes stand out. They enhance the beauty of our eyes. I’ve always been obsessed with lashes, using tonnes of waterproof mascara to make them pop. But don’t we all love naturally thick and long lashes? And boys tend to have them without even trying! How unfair.

A number of factors determine the length of your lashes – genetics, the products you use, your diet and overall health. It is necessary to focus on your overall health as well.

A few months back, my eyelashes started looking thinner and shorter, so I kind of freaked out.  To save my lashes, I tried out all the remedies. Fortunately, I could rescue my lashes before it was too late!

Here are the things that you can do in order to lengthen and strengthen the lashes!

1. Avoid waterproof mascara

Waterproof mascara is tempting, especially when you have watery eyes. But use it sparingly, only when it is absolutely required. Waterproof formulas tend to be harsh, and removing them may be damaging. Use a normal mascara for daily use. Keep the waterproof one for special occasions and rainy days!

2. Be Gentle

While you are removing eye makeup, be very gentle with your eyes. Use a soft, moisturizing cream and remove gently with soft wipes. I personally use a cold cream for removing the eye makeup. Remember, not only can being harsh with your eyes give you early wrinkles, it can seriously damage your lashes! Be good to your lashes, and they’ll flourish.

3. Substitute for Aloe Vera gel

Daily mascara usage can be quite harmful. Instead, try using Aloe Vera gel with a clean mascara wand on you lashes. The Aloe Vera gel holds your lashes in the desired shape and also nourishes them naturally.

4. Use Castor oil 

At night, after removing your makeup, apply castor oil using a clean mascara wand or your fingers to your lashes. Castor oil helps them grow faster and also strengthens them. If you do this regularly, you’ll notice a difference in 2 weeks! It definitely helped my lashes.

5. Get adequate sleep

8 hours of sleep is necessary! Never compromise on that.

6. Have a healthy diet

A balanced diet, with adequate protein, vitamins and minerals, is mandatory for your overall health and beauty.

These tips worked for me. Let me know what works for you!


Lemon Juice for Acne – Review

Hello everyone! I have acne every now and then, not too much, a few pimples here and there. They’re super annoying, and I do everything I can to keep them away. Diet, stress, sleep cycle, the products we use and exercise – all of it affects our skin. And sometimes, with a busy schedule it isn’t possible to follow everything. So my skin breaks out.

I’m always looking for remedies for pimples. I read about lemon juice several times. So I decided to try it out, since so many bloggers swear by it to treat acne and scars.


Lemon juice contains a naturally occurring AHA, citric acid which is supposed to be anti bacterial and exfoliating. Lemon juice is also a strong bleaching agent. The pH of lemon juice is around 2, which is very acidic. It can damage your tooth enamel if applied directly.  I was apprehensive about putting that on my skin.

However, since so many people claimed it’s benefits, I tried it anyway.


After cleansing my face at night, I rubbed half a lemon all over my face. I was sort of expecting it to sting, but it was BURNING. I washed my face with with water immediately, because I couldn’t stand it! But I couldn’t accept defeat so easily . I diluted it a little, and applied it with a cotton ball. It still burnt. I stood under a fan for a while till it dried. After drying out, it didn’t burn. I went to sleep after that.

The next morning, the pimples looked dried out. I washed my face. My skin felt dry, so I needed more moisturizer. I continued this for a week every night.


This made my skin AWFULLY dry. The skin around my mouth looked flaky and irritated. The pimples reduced a little, because of the dryness probably. It also made my skin VERY photo sensitive. I have dark skin, so it increased the hyper pigmentation. I also tanned very quickly. And the old acne scars were more prominent. It was a very bad experience. It took me weeks to make my skin normal again.


This might work for oily, light skinned people. People with dark, sensitive and dry to normal skin should definitely think twice before trying it out. Also, it should be done in the evening, because direct sunlight to the skin after applying lemon juice can burn your skin. Even after using it in the evenings, you have to use a sunblock next morning to protect your skin.

Personally, I will never put pure lemon juice on my face again. I’d rather save it for my lemonade 😉

Has anyone tried it? Has it worked for you? Let me know in the comments!

Vicco Turmeric Face Wash – Review

Hi everyone! Vicco is a household name in India, thanks to it’s catchy advertisements. It’s been here since a very long time. Some time back, they launched a new product, which is their face wash. It claims to be the perfect solution for all skin problems! So let’s take a look at how it actually works. I bought a small trial version. Turmeric is known to fight acne, hence I was pretty excited to try this!

Price: Rs. 15 for 15g! (pretty cheap)



They haven’t mentioned the entire ingredient list here, which sucks. We want to know what we put on our face!


Extracts of Turmeric 16%

Foam base


Microbicidal Cream

For skin infections – Healing of wounds- Rich lather, clears pores and blackheads – Process of skin renewal accelerated –  Stops bleeding – fights pimples.


Wash thoroughly after use.

My Experience:



The consistency is sticky and a little runny. It lathers very well and has a cooling sensation. I wonder what causes it? After lathering it, looks like this.20170630_131831

It washes off easily, and gives a pleasant herbal fragrance. It removes dirt and oil effectively. Too effectively actually, might leave your skin a little dry. A moisturizer might help with that.

My skin feels refreshed and clean in a single wash. Great for removing makeup too! I do not feel it has really reduced my acne though. I still have a couple of pimples. Overall, it’s a reasonable face wash which cleans effectively. A must-try for people with oily skin.

My First Blog!

Hello everyone! I’m Vaishnavi, and this is my first attempt at writing a blog!

I’ve always been passionate about beauty products, skin care, hair care and other related information. My blog will primarily focus on reviews and tips about the same.

My approach to skin care and makeup is pretty minimalist, and budget friendly. I do not like to splurge too much on anything. Besides I definitely feel cheaper products can be as effective as higher end ones as well.

Please let me know your comments and suggestions!